Nepal Visit Visa

Nepal Visa Requirements

  1. Last Six Months Bank Statement
  2. Business Covering letter pad
  3. NTN Number
  4. Original Passport
  5. Confirm Air Ticket
  6. 4 Picture
  7. N.I.C Photo Copy

Nepal is a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia with top mountains of world including Mount Everest, the world highest mountain lies near Tibet Mountain also know as roof of the world. Top tourists places in Nepal includes old Kathmandu, Everest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek and Bhaktapur a medieval city of Nepal. Beautiful sights of Nepal includes Hanuman Dhoka, Golden Temple, Golden Gate, Seto Machhendranath Temple, Bodhnath Stupa, ItumBahal, Nyatapola Temple, Garden of dreams and Patan museum are important sights of Nepal.

Nepal Visa Services in Pakistan
SwiftTravels, a well-known Travel & Tours Company in Pakistan are pleased to offer visit visas of Nepal at affordable rates for travelers around the globe. Traveling with us will regulate your imagination with reality & you can get an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal. We also provide 5 star hotel accommodation along with return tickets at low rates.

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