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How to choose a suitable policy: Having travel insurance can give you that extra peace of mind when travelling away from home, as many argue that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. They have a point, even though finding the best policy isn’t always easy. Travel insurance exists to protect a traveler’s investment in their journey and ensure they don’t lose out, and get medical help, if things go wrong. Whether you lose your luggage or have it stolen, get Delhi belly or tick-borne encephalitis, you need to know you can get help (without a stiff medical bill at the end of it) and that’s where insurers come in.

Travel insurance comparison with is a quick and easy way to view some of the best deals on the market today for travel insurance. It will give you peace of mind, at best; it could save your life. So when considering which policy is right for you, it pays to look at the details. See More Details:


CountryDurationFrom 3 months to 70 years
Gross Premium

From 71 to 75 years
Gross Premium
Finland8 Days$. 19$. 27
Denmark8 Days$. 16$. 26
Norway8 Days$. 14$. 24
Sweden8 Days$. 14$. 22
Spain8 Days$. 15$. 25
Dubai8 Days$. 5$. 8
Singapore8 Days$. 5$. 8
Germany8 Days$. 13$. 20
Italy8 Days$. 13$. 20
Malaysia8 Days$. 5$. 8

Around The World Round The Clock Schedule Of Benefits

BenefitFree Service
24-hour Emergency Medical & Travel AssistanceFree Service
Accidental Death & Permanent DisabilityFree Service
Personal MoneyFree Service
Repatriation of Mortal RemainsFree Service
Loss of BaggageFree Service
Medical Expense (in-hospital accident & sickness)Free Service
Emergency Medical EvacuationFree Service

6 Reasons Young People Need Travel Insurance Too

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Stepping on broken glass on a beach, contracting a nasty stomach virus, getting into a traffic accident – many things can ruin a young traveler’s holiday as well as their bank account. Yet, students and young people who travel abroad often leave the safety of their health insurance and family network without a second thought. When young people travel, either with you, with their school, or on their own, they run risks most of us wouldn’t even think about.

Foreign medical care isn’t offered with a child or student discount, and the cost of treatment can be just as devastating for a young traveler as it can be for a mature adult.H

1. They sometimes do crazy things

The simple fact is that young people often do crazy things when they’re outside their home area and normal routine. They bungee-jump off foreign bridges, they eat strange foods, they drink too much – in short, they take risks they may not otherwise take simply because they are away from watchful eyes.
Travel insurance is especially essential for adventure-seekers and sports enthusiasts.

2. They don’t always have enough money

An afternoon in the hospital with a broken finger or a two-day stay for an emergency appendectomy can be really expensive. A young traveler may not have the cash they need or enough credit to pay for their medical treatment. The last thing you want is for them to neglect to get the medical care they need because they fear the cost. A travel insurance plan with medical and dental coverage will pay for emergency treatment.

3. They may need your help

If your young person is injured or ill, are you prepared to get a pricey last-minute ticket to be at their bedside? Even worse, are you prepared to pay for their repatriation back to their home country if they are killed? A travel insurance plan with emergency medical transportation coverage typically includes the benefit of bringing one person to the medical facility where the insured traveler is being treated.

4.learning how things work

Young people are very tech-savvy, but ask them how to replace a stolen passport and they may look at you funny. The simple truth is: they don’t know. They’re just learning how these things work.
Travel insurance plans include toll-free hotlines staffed by people who are experts at travel disasters. The worldwide travel assistance services is the first call any traveler.

5. They may forget existing medical conditions

Young travelers have existing medical conditions too, and they may not know that they need to account for those when they choose a travel insurance plan. If they’re traveling with a school program that includes insurance, it’s typically a one-size-fits-all plan that may not suit your young traveler’s needs.A pre-existing medical condition is any condition a traveler experienced symptoms for or had diagnosed.

6. They may have to be evacuated to danger

In 2011, a good number of foreign students from around the globe had to be evacuated out of Egypt due to the violent uprising. Some study abroad programs include some level of insurance, but they don’t always have coverage for civil protests, terrorism, or acts of war, so you could be working with the U.S. government to get your young traveler out of danger. Those evacuation costs are not paid for by the government.