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Affordable Umrah Packages

We provide Hajj & Umrah services in Pakistan and have achieved a distinct reputation in the country of providing the highest level of services to the guest of Allah. Swift Travel services always focus on matching their client needs towards their satisfaction. We prioritize our relationship with the clients. We facilitate you during Your Journey of Purity.Top Level Air Ticketing (Domestic and International) ServicesFly around the World with Swift.

Gold Package

Add/less night 15 Days 21 Days 28 Days
MAK MED 3+8+3 5+10+5 6+15+6
Sharing 570 570 19,850 23,270 27,260
Quad 713 713 21,845 26,120 31,180
Triple 760 760 22,510 27,070 32,390
Double 1,140 1,140 27,830 34,670 42,650

Makkah: Hotel Minara Al Sharooq 1050 Meter

Madina: Hotel Fandaq Umer-2 (700 - 800 Meter)

Gold Plus Package

Add/less night 15 Days 21 Days 28 Days
MAK MED 3+8+3 5+10+5 6+15+6
Sharing 998 570 22,418 27,550 32,396
Quad 1,248 713 25,055 31,470 37,528
Triple 1,331 760 25,934 32,777 39,238
Double 1,996 1,140 32,966 43,230 52,922

Makkah: HOTEL BURJ-AL-MASHAD (700-750 Meter)

Madina: Hotel Fandaq Umer-2 (700 - 800 Meter)

Diamond Package

Add/less night 15 Days 21 Days 28 Days
MAK MED 3+8+3 5+10+5 6+15+6
Sharing 998 684 23,330 28,690 34,106
Quad 1,248 855 26,195 32,895 39,665
Triple 1,331 912 27,150 34,297 41,518
Double 1,996 1,368 34,790 45,510 56,342

Makkah: HOTEL BURJ-AL-MASHAD (700-750 Meter)

Madina: hotel minra-ul-safwa (300-400 Meter)

Platinum Package

Add/less night 15 Days 21 Days 28 Days
MAK MED 3+8+3 5+10+5 6+15+6
Sharing 1,850 1,140 32,090 41,770 51,170
Quad 2,313 1,425 37,145 49,245 60,995
Triple 2,467 1,520 38,830 51,737 64,270
Double 3,700 2,280 52,310 71,670 90,470

Makkah: hotel dar al- shirya (250-350 Meter)

Madina: hotel al rawasi al salam Markazia

Economy Package

Room Type 15 Days 21 Days 28 Days Extra NTS Transport
5-6 beds 23,900 29,900 34,900 MAK: rs. 700 MED: Rs. 1200 JED-MAK-MED-MAK-JED
3 beds 32,900 36,900 45,900 MAK: rs. 1100 MED: Rs. 1700 JED-MAK-MED-MAK-JED
2 beds 39,900 48,900 56,900 MAK: rs. 1500 MED: Rs. 2500 JED-MAK-MED-MAK-JED

makkah hotel: BURJ MINAR HOTEL (Shuttle Service) distance from haram: 1700 meter

medina hotel: burj araqi # 4/ similar distance from haram: 850 meter

Economy Package

Room Type 15 Days 21 Days 28 Days Extra NTS Transport
5-6 beds 29,900 34,900 40,900 rs. 1200 JED-MAK-MED-MAK-JED
3 beds 38,000 45,900 56,900 rs. 1800 JED-MAK-MED-MAK-JED
2 beds 48,000 61,700 77,000 rs. 2200 JED-MAK-MED-MAK-JED

makkah hotel: aseel white Palace hotel distance from haram: 550 meter

medina hotel: Lulut-DuSiSi pALACE HOTEL/SIMILAR distance from haram: 275 meter

Umrah Packages

Thousands of Muslims gather in the house of Allah Almighty from different countries to perform Umrah every year. So it is the wish of every Muslim to go to this holy place where they can worship Allah in front of Kabbah.

Moreover, Kaaba is the first masjid which was built on earth for Muslims to worship and stand before Allah. Muslims follow this pilgrimage under the seekness of Allah Almighty and ask about the problems and wishes from Allah. If you want to turn your dream to perform Umrah into reality, then contact Swift Travel International. We provide reasonable high-quality travel and tour services both at a domestic and international level.

Best Travel and Tours Agency in Pakistan

Swift Travel International, which is the best Lahore-based gives you an opportunity to have an exquisite Umrah experience with us. Our main objective is to provide qualitative and excellent services to the clients in the world’s best place-Saudia Arabia.

Our team of travel agents is doing great effort to provide you with every facility which you need during Umrah. Hence we are offering you very reasonable Umrah packages and organize your tour plan by taking under considerations all the priorities of our clients.

Inclusive Services 

Our Umrah packages include visa services, air tickets, hotel accommodation along with food dining, travel insurance, and transportation facility.

  • Travel Guide

In addition to these services, we also provide you the facility of travel guide who guide you about the places to visit during Umrah. Our travel guides are professional and have high experience and give you all the information which relates to our packages.

  • Hotel Reservation

Moreover, we provide best hotel accommodation in Makkah like Dar al Heiman grand 4 stars, Hilton hotel, Dar al-tawhid, Hilton hotel, Zam-zam, Al Jewar royal orchid, Fairmont 5 star, Safwa hotel, Hilton Towers.

We also provide affordable hotel services in Madina like Al Haram hotel, Dar al-Taqwa, Radisson Blu, Dar al-hijra intercontinental, Hilton Madinah, Sofra al Huda 4 star, Aramas Madinah hotel, & Oberoi 5 star.

Our travel agency plans the whole trip with a wide range of travel packages according to the customers’ budget at market competitive prices.

Cheap Umrah Packages

You can get all the details of our Umrah packages on our website. The packages which we are offering: Gold Package, Gold Plus Package, Diamond Package, Platinum Package, Economy Package. Different packages include different services which we are providing to customers.

Hence you can choose freely any package according to your budget and interest. So you can enjoy the whole trip in a most comfortable and economic manner.

Stay connected with our website to get information about special deals of every day.

Special Bumper Discounts

We provide discounted offers of best airlines that include Emirates, Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways, PIA, Etihad, Turkish Airlines etc. Nowadays we are offering 7 percent special discount on all the airlines.

So hurry up and do not waste time to avail our special bumper discounts. Moreover, customers can also place your order online for Hajj and Umrah packages.

We are working 24/7 hours for customers’ assistance. You will get exactly the same services for which you paid for. Our customers give an excellent feedback about our services and offers.

Hence, if you feel any problem during the journey then we are here to solve your issues related to your journey anytime. We offer free of cost customers’ assistance to satisfy our customers completely with our services.

So follow us to get updates about Umrah special deals, Umrah package details, cheap Umrah packages, best hotel reservation details, best and affordable Umrah packages from Swift Travel International which is one of the best travel and tour agencies in Pakistan.